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List of All Url Protocol

URI Scheme Template Description Status Well-Known URI Support Reference
aaa Diameter Protocol Permanent - [RFC6733]
aaas Diameter Protocol with Secure Transport Permanent - [RFC6733]
about about Permanent - [RFC6694]
acap application configuration access protocol Permanent - [RFC2244]
acct acct Permanent - [RFC7565]
acd prov/acd acd Provisional - [Michael_Hedenus]
acr prov/acr acr Provisional - [OMA-OMNA]
adiumxtra prov/adiumxtra adiumxtra Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
adt prov/adt adt Provisional - [SAP_SE]
afp prov/afp afp Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
afs Andrew File System global file names Provisional - [RFC1738]
aim prov/aim aim Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
amss prov/amss amss Provisional - [RadioDNS_Project]
android prov/android android Provisional - [Adam_Barth][]
appdata prov/appdata appdata Provisional - []
apt prov/apt apt Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
ark prov/ark ark Provisional - [ARK_agency][]
attachment prov/attachment attachment Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
aw prov/aw aw Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
barion prov/barion barion Provisional - [Bíró_Tamás]
bb prov/bb bb Provisional - [Tim_McSweeney]
beshare prov/beshare beshare Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
bitcoin prov/bitcoin bitcoin Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
bitcoincash prov/bitcoincash bitcoincash Provisional - [Corentin_Mercier]
blob prov/blob blob Provisional - [W3C_WebApps_Working_Group][Chris_Rebert]
bolo prov/bolo bolo Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
browserext prov/browserext browserext Provisional - [Mike_Pietraszak]
cabal prov/cabal cabal Provisional - [Frédéric_Wang][Cabal_Club]
calculator prov/calculator calculator Provisional - []
callto prov/callto callto Provisional - [Alexey_Melnikov]
cap Calendar Access Protocol Permanent - [RFC4324]
cast prov/cast cast Provisional - [Adam_Barth][]
casts prov/casts casts Provisional - [Adam_Barth][]
chrome prov/chrome chrome Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
chrome-extension prov/chrome-extension chrome-extension Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
cid content identifier Permanent - [RFC2392]
coap coap Permanent [RFC7252] [RFC7252]
coap+tcp coap+tcp [1] Permanent [RFC8323] [RFC8323]
coap+ws coap+ws [1] Permanent [RFC8323] [RFC8323]
coaps coaps Permanent [RFC7252] [RFC7252]
coaps+tcp coaps+tcp [1] Permanent [RFC8323] [RFC8323]
coaps+ws coaps+ws [1] Permanent [RFC8323] [RFC8323]
com-eventbrite-attendee prov/com-eventbrite-attendee com-eventbrite-attendee Provisional - [Bob_Van_Zant]
content prov/content content Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
conti prov/conti conti Provisional - [Michael_Hedenus]
crid TV-Anytime Content Reference Identifier Permanent - [RFC4078]
cvs prov/cvs cvs Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
dab prov/dab dab Provisional - [RadioDNS_Project]
dat prov/dat dat Provisional - [Frédéric_Wang][Paul_Frazee]
data data Permanent - [RFC2397]
dav dav Permanent - [RFC4918]
diaspora prov/diaspora diaspora Provisional - [Dennis_Schubert]
dict dictionary service protocol Permanent - [RFC2229]
did prov/did did Provisional - [W3C_Decentralized_Identifier_Working_Group ][Manu_Sporny][Ivan_Herman]
dis prov/dis dis Provisional - [Christophe_Meessen]
dlna-playcontainer prov/dlna-playcontainer dlna-playcontainer Provisional - [DLNA]
dlna-playsingle prov/dlna-playsingle dlna-playsingle Provisional - [DLNA]
dns Domain Name System Permanent - [RFC4501]
dntp prov/dntp dntp Provisional - [Hans-Dieter_A._Hiep]
doi prov/doi doi Provisional - [Frédéric_Wang][International_DOI_Foundation]
dpp prov/dpp dpp Provisional - [Gaurav_Jain][Wi-Fi_Alliance]
drm prov/drm drm Provisional - [RadioDNS_Project]
drop prov/drop drop Provisional - [Tim_McSweeney]
dtmi prov/dtmi dtmi Provisional - []
dtn DTNRG research and development Provisional - [RFC5050]
dvb dvb Provisional - [draft-mcroberts-uri-dvb]
dweb prov/dweb dweb Provisional - [Frédéric_Wang][Protocol_Labs]
ed2k prov/ed2k ed2k Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
elsi prov/elsi elsi Provisional - [Kimmo_Lindholm]
ethereum prov/ethereum ethereum Provisional - [Frédéric_Wang][ligi]
example example Permanent - [RFC7595]
facetime prov/facetime facetime Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
fax fax Historical - [RFC2806][RFC3966]
feed prov/feed feed Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
feedready prov/feedready feedready Provisional - [Mirko_Nosenzo]
file Host-specific file names Permanent - [RFC8089]
filesystem historic/filesystem filesystem Historical - [W3C_WebApps_Working_Group][Chris_Rebert]
finger prov/finger finger Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
first-run-pen-experience prov/first-run-pen-experience first-run-pen-experience Provisional - []
fish prov/fish fish Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
fm prov/fm fm Provisional - [RadioDNS_Project]
ftp File Transfer Protocol Permanent - [RFC1738]
fuchsia-pkg prov/fuchsia-pkg fuchsia-pkg Provisional - [Adam_Barth][]
geo Geographic Locations Permanent - [RFC5870]
gg prov/gg gg Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
git prov/git git Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
gizmoproject prov/gizmoproject gizmoproject Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
go go Permanent - [RFC3368]
gopher The Gopher Protocol Permanent - [RFC4266]
graph prov/graph graph Provisional - [Alastair_Green]
grd prov/grd grd Provisional - [Tim_McSweeney]
gtalk prov/gtalk gtalk Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
h323 H.323 Permanent - [RFC3508]
ham ham Provisional - [RFC7046]
hcap prov/hcap hcap Provisional - []
hcp prov/hcp hcp Provisional - [Alexey_Melnikov]
http Hypertext Transfer Protocol Permanent [RFC8615] [RFC7230, Section 2.7.1]
https Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure Permanent [RFC8615] [RFC7230, Section 2.7.2]
hxxp prov/hxxp hxxp Provisional - [draft-salgado-hxxp]
hxxps prov/hxxps hxxps Provisional - [draft-salgado-hxxp]
hydrazone hydrazone Provisional - [Matthias_Merkel][]
hyper prov/hyper hyper Provisional - [Frédéric_Wang][Paul_Frazee]
iax Inter-Asterisk eXchange Version 2 Permanent - [RFC5456]
icap Internet Content Adaptation Protocol Permanent - [RFC3507]
icon icon Provisional - [draft-lafayette-icon-uri-scheme]
im Instant Messaging Permanent - [RFC3860]
imap internet message access protocol Permanent - [RFC5092]
info Information Assets with Identifiers in Public Namespaces. [RFC4452] (section 3) defines an "info" registry of public namespaces, which is maintained by NISO and can be accessed from []. Permanent - [RFC4452]
iotdisco prov/iotdisco iotdisco Provisional - [Peter_Waher][]
ipfs prov/ipfs ipfs Provisional - [Frédéric_Wang][Protocol_Labs]
ipn ipn Provisional - [RFC6260]
ipns prov/ipns ipns Provisional - [Frédéric_Wang][Protocol_Labs]
ipp Internet Printing Protocol Permanent - [RFC3510]
ipps Internet Printing Protocol over HTTPS Permanent - [RFC7472]
irc prov/irc irc Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
irc6 prov/irc6 irc6 Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
ircs prov/ircs ircs Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
iris Internet Registry Information Service Permanent - [RFC3981]
iris.beep iris.beep Permanent - [RFC3983]
iris.lwz iris.lwz Permanent - [RFC4993]
iris.xpc iris.xpc Permanent - [RFC4992]
iris.xpcs iris.xpcs Permanent - [RFC4992]
isostore prov/isostore isostore Provisional - []
itms prov/itms itms Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
jabber perm/jabber jabber Permanent - [Peter_Saint-Andre]
jar prov/jar jar Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
jms Java Message Service Provisional - [RFC6167]
keyparc prov/keyparc keyparc Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
lastfm prov/lastfm lastfm Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
lbry prov/lbry lbry Provisional - [Alex_Grintsvayg]
ldap Lightweight Directory Access Protocol Permanent - [RFC4516]
ldaps prov/ldaps ldaps Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
leaptofrogans leaptofrogans Permanent - [RFC8589]
lorawan prov/lorawan lorawan Provisional - [OMA-DMSE]
lvlt prov/lvlt lvlt Provisional - [Alexander_Shishenko]
magnet prov/magnet magnet Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
mailserver Access to data available from mail servers Historical - [RFC6196]
mailto Electronic mail address Permanent - [RFC6068]
maps prov/maps maps Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
market prov/market market Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
matrix prov/matrix matrix Provisional - [Hubert_Chathi]
message prov/message message Provisional - [Dave_Thaler] prov/ Provisional - [] prov/ Provisional - [] prov/ Provisional - []
mid message identifier Permanent - [RFC2392]
mms prov/mms mms Provisional - [Alexey_Melnikov]
modem modem Historical - [RFC2806][RFC3966]
mongodb prov/mongodb mongodb Provisional - [Ignacio_Losiggio][Mongo_DB_Inc]
moz prov/moz moz Provisional - [Joe_Hildebrand]
ms-access prov/ms-access ms-access Provisional - []
ms-browser-extension prov/ms-browser-extension ms-browser-extension Provisional - []
ms-calculator prov/ms-calculator ms-calculator Provisional - []
ms-drive-to prov/ms-drive-to ms-drive-to Provisional - []
ms-enrollment prov/ms-enrollment ms-enrollment Provisional - []
ms-excel prov/ms-excel ms-excel Provisional - []
ms-eyecontrolspeech prov/ms-eyecontrolspeech ms-eyecontrolspeech Provisional - []
ms-gamebarservices prov/ms-gamebarservices ms-gamebarservices Provisional - []
ms-gamingoverlay prov/ms-gamingoverlay ms-gamingoverlay Provisional - []
ms-getoffice prov/ms-getoffice ms-getoffice Provisional - []
ms-help prov/ms-help ms-help Provisional - [Alexey_Melnikov]
ms-infopath prov/ms-infopath ms-infopath Provisional - []
ms-inputapp prov/ms-inputapp ms-inputapp Provisional - []
ms-lockscreencomponent-config prov/ms-lockscreencomponent-config ms-lockscreencomponent-config Provisional - []
ms-media-stream-id prov/ms-media-stream-id ms-media-stream-id Provisional - []
ms-mixedrealitycapture prov/ms-mixedrealitycapture ms-mixedrealitycapture Provisional - []
ms-mobileplans prov/ms-mobileplans ms-mobileplans Provisional - []
ms-officeapp prov/ms-officeapp ms-officeapp Provisional - []
ms-people prov/ms-people ms-people Provisional - []
ms-project prov/ms-project ms-project Provisional - []
ms-powerpoint prov/ms-powerpoint ms-powerpoint Provisional - []
ms-publisher prov/ms-publisher ms-publisher Provisional - []
ms-restoretabcompanion prov/ms-restoretabcompanion ms-restoretabcompanion Provisional - []
ms-screenclip prov/ms-screenclip ms-screenclip Provisional - []
ms-screensketch prov/ms-screensketch ms-screensketch Provisional - []
ms-search prov/ms-search ms-search Provisional - []
ms-search-repair prov/ms-search-repair ms-search-repair Provisional - []
ms-secondary-screen-controller prov/ms-secondary-screen-controller ms-secondary-screen-controller Provisional - []
ms-secondary-screen-setup prov/ms-secondary-screen-setup ms-secondary-screen-setup Provisional - []
ms-settings prov/ms-settings ms-settings Provisional - []
ms-settings-airplanemode prov/ms-settings-airplanemode ms-settings-airplanemode Provisional - []
ms-settings-bluetooth prov/ms-settings-bluetooth ms-settings-bluetooth Provisional - []
ms-settings-camera prov/ms-settings-camera ms-settings-camera Provisional - []
ms-settings-cellular prov/ms-settings-cellular ms-settings-cellular Provisional - []
ms-settings-cloudstorage prov/ms-settings-cloudstorage ms-settings-cloudstorage Provisional - []
ms-settings-connectabledevices prov/ms-settings-connectabledevices ms-settings-connectabledevices Provisional - []
ms-settings-displays-topology prov/ms-settings-displays-topology ms-settings-displays-topology Provisional - []
ms-settings-emailandaccounts prov/ms-settings-emailandaccounts ms-settings-emailandaccounts Provisional - []
ms-settings-language prov/ms-settings-language ms-settings-language Provisional - []
ms-settings-location prov/ms-settings-location ms-settings-location Provisional - []
ms-settings-lock prov/ms-settings-lock ms-settings-lock Provisional - []
ms-settings-nfctransactions prov/ms-settings-nfctransactions ms-settings-nfctransactions Provisional - []
ms-settings-notifications prov/ms-settings-notifications ms-settings-notifications Provisional - []
ms-settings-power prov/ms-settings-power ms-settings-power Provisional - []
ms-settings-privacy prov/ms-settings-privacy ms-settings-privacy Provisional - []
ms-settings-proximity prov/ms-settings-proximity ms-settings-proximity Provisional - []
ms-settings-screenrotation prov/ms-settings-screenrotation ms-settings-screenrotation Provisional - []
ms-settings-wifi prov/ms-settings-wifi ms-settings-wifi Provisional - []
ms-settings-workplace prov/ms-settings-workplace ms-settings-workplace Provisional - []
ms-spd prov/ms-spd ms-spd Provisional - []
ms-sttoverlay prov/ms-sttoverlay ms-sttoverlay Provisional - []
ms-transit-to prov/ms-transit-to ms-transit-to Provisional - []
ms-useractivityset prov/ms-useractivityset ms-useractivityset Provisional - []
ms-virtualtouchpad prov/ms-virtualtouchpad ms-virtualtouchpad Provisional - []
ms-visio prov/ms-visio ms-visio Provisional - []
ms-walk-to prov/ms-walk-to ms-walk-to Provisional - []
ms-whiteboard prov/ms-whiteboard ms-whiteboard Provisional - []
ms-whiteboard-cmd prov/ms-whiteboard-cmd ms-whiteboard-cmd Provisional - []
ms-word prov/ms-word ms-word Provisional - []
msnim prov/msnim msnim Provisional - [Alexey_Melnikov]
msrp Message Session Relay Protocol Permanent - [RFC4975]
msrps Message Session Relay Protocol Secure Permanent - [RFC4975]
mss prov/mss mss Provisional - [Jarmo_Miettinen]
mtqp Message Tracking Query Protocol Permanent - [RFC3887]
mumble prov/mumble mumble Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
mupdate Mailbox Update (MUPDATE) Protocol Permanent - [RFC3656]
mvn prov/mvn mvn Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
news USENET news Permanent - [RFC5538]
nfs network file system protocol Permanent - [RFC2224]
ni ni Permanent - [RFC6920]
nih nih Permanent - [RFC6920]
nntp USENET news using NNTP access Permanent - [RFC5538]
notes prov/notes notes Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
ocf prov/ocf ocf Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
oid prov/oid oid Provisional - [draft-larmouth-oid-iri]
onenote prov/onenote onenote Provisional - []
onenote-cmd prov/onenote-cmd onenote-cmd Provisional - []
opaquelocktoken opaquelocktokent Permanent - [RFC4918]
openpgp4fpr prov/openpgp4fpr openpgp4fpr Provisional - [Wiktor_Kwapisiewicz]
otpauth prov/otpauth otpauth Provisional - [Frédéric_Wang][Thomas_Habets]
p1 prov/p1 p1 Provisional - [Tim_McSweeney]
pack historic/pack pack Historical - [draft-shur-pack-uri-scheme]
palm prov/palm palm Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
paparazzi prov/paparazzi paparazzi Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
payment prov/payment payment Provisional - [Arild_Hegvik][]
payto prov/payto payto Provisional - [RFC-dold-payto-14]
pkcs11 PKCS#11 Permanent - [RFC7512]
platform prov/platform platform Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
pop Post Office Protocol v3 Permanent - [RFC2384]
pres Presence Permanent - [RFC3859]
prospero Prospero Directory Service Historical - [RFC4157]
proxy prov/proxy proxy Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
pwid prov/pwid pwid Provisional - [Eld_Zierau]
psyc prov/psyc psyc Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
pttp prov/pttp pttp Provisional - [Tony_Deng][Tuan_Hoang][Bob_Hinkle][Mark_Chen]
qb prov/qb qb Provisional - [Jan_Pokorny]
query prov/query query Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
quic-transport prov/quic-transport quic-transport Provisional - [draft-vvv-webtransport-quic]
redis prov/redis redis Provisional - [Chris_Rebert]
rediss prov/rediss rediss Provisional - [Chris_Rebert]
reload reload Permanent - [RFC6940]
res prov/res res Provisional - [Alexey_Melnikov]
resource prov/resource resource Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
rmi prov/rmi rmi Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
rsync rsync Provisional - [RFC5781]
rtmfp prov/rtmfp rtmfp Provisional - [RFC7425]
rtmp prov/rtmp rtmp Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
rtsp Real-Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) Permanent - [RFC2326][RFC7826]
rtsps Real-Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) over TLS Permanent - [RFC2326][RFC7826]
rtspu Real-Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) over unreliable datagram transport Permanent - [RFC2326]
secondlife prov/secondlife query Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
service service location Permanent - [RFC2609]
session session Permanent - [RFC6787]
sftp prov/sftp query Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
sgn prov/sgn sgn Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
shttp Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol Permanent - [RFC2660]
sieve ManageSieve Protocol Permanent - [RFC5804]
simpleledger prov/simpleledger simpleledger Provisional - [James_Cramer]
sip session initiation protocol Permanent - [RFC3261]
sips secure session initiation protocol Permanent - [RFC3261]
skype prov/skype skype Provisional - [Alexey_Melnikov]
smb prov/smb smb Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
sms Short Message Service Permanent - [RFC5724]
smtp prov/smtp smtp Provisional - [draft-melnikov-smime-msa-to-mda]
snews NNTP over SSL/TLS Historical - [RFC5538]
snmp Simple Network Management Protocol Permanent - [RFC4088]
soap.beep soap.beep Permanent - [RFC4227]
soap.beeps soap.beeps Permanent - [RFC4227]
soldat prov/soldat soldat Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
spiffe prov/spiffe spiffe Provisional - [Evan_Gilman]
spotify prov/spotify spotify Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
ssb prov/ssb ssb Provisional - [Frédéric_Wang][Secure_Scuttlebutt_Consortium]
ssh prov/ssh ssh Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
steam prov/steam steam Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
stun stun Permanent - [RFC7064]
stuns stuns Permanent - [RFC7064]
submit prov/submit submit Provisional - [draft-melnikov-smime-msa-to-mda]
swh prov/swh swh Provisional - [Software_Heritage][Stefano_Zacchiroli]
svn prov/svn svn Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
tag tag Permanent - [RFC4151]
teamspeak prov/teamspeak teamspeak Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
tel telephone Permanent - [RFC3966][RFC5341]
teliaeid prov/teliaeid teliaeid Provisional - [Peter_Lewandowski]
telnet Reference to interactive sessions Permanent - [RFC4248]
tftp Trivial File Transfer Protocol Permanent - [RFC3617]
things prov/things things Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
thismessage perm/thismessage multipart/related relative reference resolution Permanent - [RFC2557]
tip Transaction Internet Protocol Permanent - [RFC2371]
tn3270 Interactive 3270 emulation sessions Permanent - [RFC6270]
tool prov/tool tool Provisional - [Matthias_Merkel]
turn turn Permanent - [RFC7065]
turns turns Permanent - [RFC7065]
tv TV Broadcasts Permanent - [RFC2838]
udp prov/udp udp Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
unreal prov/unreal unreal Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
upt prov/upt upt Provisional - [Tim_McSweeney]
urn Uniform Resource Names Permanent - [RFC8141][IANA registry urn-namespaces]
ut2004 prov/ut2004 ut2004 Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
v-event prov/v-event v-event Provisional - [draft-menderico-v-event-uri]
vemmi versatile multimedia interface Permanent - [RFC2122]
ventrilo prov/ventrilo ventrilo Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
videotex historic/videotex videotex Historical - [draft-mavrakis-videotex-url-spec][RFC2122][RFC3986]
vnc Remote Framebuffer Protocol Permanent - [RFC7869]
view-source prov/view-source view-source Provisional - [Mykyta_Yevstifeyev]
vscode prov/vscode vscode Provisional - []
vscode-insiders prov/vscode-insiders vscode-insiders Provisional - []
vsls prov/vsls vsls Provisional - []
wais Wide Area Information Servers Historical - [RFC4156]
webcal prov/webcal webcal Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
wpid prov/wpid wpid Historical - [Eld_Zierau]
ws WebSocket connections Permanent [RFC8307] [RFC6455]
wss Encrypted WebSocket connections Permanent [RFC8307] [RFC6455]
wtai prov/wtai wtai Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
wyciwyg prov/wyciwyg wyciwyg Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
xcon xcon Permanent - [RFC6501]
xcon-userid xcon-userid Permanent - [RFC6501]
xfire prov/xfire xfire Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
xmlrpc.beep xmlrpc.beep Permanent - [RFC3529]
xmlrpc.beeps xmlrpc.beeps Permanent - [RFC3529]
xmpp Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol Permanent - [RFC5122]
xri prov/xri xri Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
ymsgr prov/ymsgr ymsgr Provisional - [Dave_Thaler]
z39.50 Z39.50 information access Historical - [RFC1738][RFC2056]
z39.50r Z39.50 Retrieval Permanent - [RFC2056]
Permanent - [RFC2056]

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