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Anatomy of URL

What is Url 
URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator, which means the address for the file where to located.

URL in web browsers

URL looks like this in web URL
URL Explained

The Protocol says how your browsers should communicate with a server when sending data. Here HTTPS is the protocol and stands for  Hypertext Transfer Protocol. And S in Https is Secure.

Other common protocols are FTP, Http, git, SMTP, etc.
for all protocol see list of protocols

The sub-division of the main domain is Subdomain. for example here subdomain is the subdomain of


Unique Reference of every website on the Internet is a domain name. its map with a unique IP address. A domain name always includes the top-level domain

The port number is always required for every domain but it's not visible for every domain because default port will be assigned for them. the default domain is 80 for most

The path is the file or directory on the webserver. The browser will automatically look inside the directory and return to the user while given pathname 

The query is manly found in dynamic web pages, Query use for generated dynamic data from the database of another factor it may be hidden or visible. its always start
from  ? and look like this
 ? name =kamal&address=Nepal 
Snippets of information found in the query string are Parameters like  
name = kamal

A fragment is an internal page reference, sometimes called a named anchor. It usually appears at the end of a URL and begins with a hash (#) character followed by an identifier. It refers to a section within a web page.
mostly we found the fragment in youtube to jump time where to watch

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