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Clean Space of the computer

Storage is the most important thing for any computer user. We are operating our system day by day and we don't know where and how our space is used by the unwanted files. The clean space of the computer is important in any computer either it has sufficient space. Because unwanted files not only occupied space but it also slow down your system because it also used primary storage too.

Clean Space of computer- ItsEdupointdotcom

here I am giving this article about how to clean the space of the computer.

First Open Clean Manager by typing cleanmgr in the run (To open run pres window key + R)

Clean Space of computer- ItsEdupointdotcom

After that, you can see the Disk Cleanup dialog box.

Clean Space of computer- ItsEdupointdotcom

select what part of files want to clear and click on ok

now your unnecessary files have been removed from your computer, check your drive. You can clean any drive using disk cleanup wizard

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