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Allow SQL to connect in Local AND Remote access

"error in connection with SQL server remotely"

We are working in the development area and we are going to implement it in other as well as we are working from a local server or remote server but SQL will give access from  SQL Server remotely and locally but SQL does not give the connection to the application this is because of the port blocking by the firewall in server side so that we have to allow SQL connection port in the firewall, we need to set inbound rule in the system

To Allow SQL to connect in Local AND Remote access

open windows defender firewall sometimes it shows windows firewall

Click on advance Setting of windows firewall setting to go

Click on the inbound rule to create inbound rules 

click on the new rule, by this, you can create new inbound rule for firewall setting

Select on the port to allow the port number if you want to allow program you can select program but here we need to set port,  select port and click on next.

Select TCP and select specific local port and enter 1433 this is the MS SQL port if you manage other then set another port number and click on next

Select Allow the connection to allow connect SQL in other SQL connection and click on next

check on how you can set your rule to give access and click on next

give the name and description for the new rule and click on finish

Now you can access SQL from the any application 

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