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Decrease By Percentage-Excel

Sometimes you need to decrease a number by a certain percentage, that means you decrease percentage which is given
Decrease By Percentage-Excel

you can use a simple formula in excel for calculating that multiplies the number time the percent -1.


=Number * (1- Percentage)
Decrease By Percentage-Excel

In the figure, I am showing the percent and amount in price suppose grill cheese price is 500 and the percent is

20% for this product. Here need to decrease by the percent that means i need to calculate 100-20% i.e 80%
cell C3 is the price and B3 has its percent to decrease.
=500 * (1-20%) i.e 500 * (1-0.2)
=500 * (80%) i.e (500 * 0.8)
Decrease By Percentage-Excel

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