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Hide Result in Excel

Sometimes we need to hide our result in excel, yes we applied formula but we don't want to display it. yes, you can format cell to hide your result in excel.
here I have explained to you about how to hide result in excel. anything you write in a cell cannot be displayed in the cell but your data cannot be lost it only hide
your data.
Hide Result in Excel

here I have data in cell B3 And C3 I am going to apply SUM formula in Cell D3

here I am going to hide result of the cell

to hide result
1. go to format cell its appear by right click or you can go to the format on the menu

2. Go to the custom which is the last option
Hide Result in Excel

3. type  ;;;  in box
Hide Result in Excel

Now your result or your data is hidden.
Hide Result in Excel

After you apply this format result is hidden but you can view formula in the formula bar
Hide Result in Excel
Is this help you? Please give feedback or email me for any query

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