VLOOKUP is an Excel function to lookup and retrieves data from the specific column in the table. VLOOKUP support to find
exact matching data, approximate matching data and using wildcard data(*?) for partial matches.

The V in VLOOKUP means Vertical.

Result Value:
VLOOKUP function returns something to a cell or formula that it found in a lookup table.
The matched value and approximate matched values.

value - The to look for in the first column of a table
        table- The table from which to retrive a value
col_index- the column in the table from which to retrive a value
range_lookup - this is an optional field.[True=approximate match and this is the default option, False=exact matchd ]

VLOOKUP(cell you want to lookup, Lookup Table, Column Designation of value you want to return to the cell, Exact Match = 0 or approximate
value = 1 (default))

Approximate value means that when the function sees a value that is bigger than the lookup_value, it stops and uses that row above that value.

For approximate value, VLOOKUP takes the value you tell it to look at, goes to the first column of the lookup table (sorted ascending)
and if the first value is less than the lookup_value it returns #N/A otherwise it races down the column until it sees a value bigger than
the lookup_value and then it uses the row above, then it goes to the column that you specified and gets that value, then brings it back to
the cell or formula.

Using named ranges for lookup table is usually efficient. Using Data Validation for the lookup cell helps the accuracy of your task.

When creating the lookup_table in the formula itself:
1) enclose the table in curly brackets { };
2) column elements are separated by commas(,).
3) row elements are separated by semicolons(;).

Here we have product price and description. in the basis of product name we are going to lookup for the price and description. If we need to find the price of any product by typing in product its easy by using VLOOKUP.

let's start:
1. click on price cell and start with (=)sign 

2 type =VLOOKUP [Note: excel gives you syntax ]

3. type the formula =VLOOKUP(B35,B24:D32,2,FALSE) for price 
te : 2 is the index number for look up, index start from 1 of selected table

4 type the function =VLOOKUP(B35,B24:D32,3,FALSE) form the description

5. now type the product name into product name it show price and description